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A few years ago, I wrote a song called "Tequila" based on a ridiculous experience in Cabo San Lucas. From there, I have continued writing songs, performing them live at comedy clubs such as The Ice House, The Comedy Store and The Ha Ha Cafe, and producing music videos for them. I continue mixing Shakespeare's Iambic Pentameter with funny subject matter as you can watch below. My songs have been featured on Financially Mint and Radio Free Brooklyn's Mock-U-Mental. I have also performed them live at the Ventura Comedy Festival.

"I followed my Hollywood Dreams to LA to sort mail and mop floors for no pay!"

"If you're an actor of the theater, forks on the left please, thank you waiter!"

“250,000 emails, 5,000 Skype interviews, 400 in persons, and 0 job offers!”


Born and raised in Los Angeles, I grew up confused speaking English and Hebrew in the same childhood. After my bar-mitzvah, I won a shoddy guitar at a carnival game in Vegas. Since then, I have combined my love of comedy, writing and music to create comedic songs, short films, games and everything in between. After graduating from USC's School of Cinematic Arts, I write funny songs about internships, college culture, and the millennial generation. My role models are Bo Burnham, The Lonely Island, and Rachel Bloom.

Fun Facts

- I wear one contact in my left eye.
- I tried to throw my sister away when I was three years old.
- I unknowingly make references to Israeli movies from the '70s when I speak Hebrew.
- I learned how to play flamenco guitar before using that knowledge to write comedy songs.
- I can play "Zorba the Greek" and "The Pirates of the Caribbean Theme" on the Greek Bouzouki.
- I once covered my whole room in baby powder to make it "snow day" when I was five years old.